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Search Intelligence


Openindex Search Intelligence is a live dashboard showing valuable information about the way people use your search engine. It also provides powerful and smart search engine features based on site search data: an intuitive autocomplete, a recommendation engine and ‘related search queries’. Search Intelligence is a musthave for anyone who takes their search engine seriously.

Search analytics

OI Search Intelligence offers a live dashboard showing search and click and view behaviour of your visitors. For example, it shows the most popular key words, the most popular search queries that return zero results (or one, or two, etc.), the most popular users and the most popular documents. You can select a certain period of time in which you want to see the data. You can also search within your site search data.All these features provide the opportunity to get a grip on how people use your search engine, but it also answers a lot of interesting questions:
  • Do my visitors search for products or services I don’t offer?
  • Do my visitors use other words than I use on my website?
  • Which keywords should I use for my SEA campaigns?
  • Which words should I add to my synonyms?
  • How can I anticipate on certain trends?
  • What popular products or services should I mention in my upcoming newsletter?
  • etc.

Intuitive autocomplete

Search Intelligence offers an intelligent autocomplete based on relevant search queries. It keeps track of popularity, trends and of course it only suggests search queries that return relevant search results.

Recommendation engine

Analyzing the view and click behaviour of all users, Search Intelligence offers the possibility to recommend relevant articles, products or services to your users.

Related search queries

Related search queries help users to inspire them during their search. Usually related search queries are placed at the bottom of the search results page, so it helps them to adjust their search queries.


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